Who are the most popular up and coming American brands in Japan right now?

Who are the most popular up and coming American brands in Japan right now?

There’s no denying that the Japanese market is a highly lucrative one for international brands. With a population of more than 126 million people, the desire for overseas brands knows no bounds, making this Asian nation a highly profitable market. Success however isn’t a given, and products and marketing strategies need to be deployed with a thorough appreciation of the needs, wants and culture of Japanese customers. 

There are many notable examples of American brands who have successfully infiltrated the Japanese market – here are a few of the most well known, along with an overview of how they’ve used their digital marketing strategies to boost their bottom line overseas.


Toys ‘R’ Us

Although the US and European businesses entered into administration in 2018, the brand’s stores in Asia weren’t affected and the demand for toys from this American company shows no sign of slowing down.

By tailoring the offering to Japanese customers and fully understanding their market’s need for the best in customer service, along with the local appetite for the very latest toy releases and child tech, Toys ‘R’ Us in Japan is now able to dictate terms to manufacturers. Its curated offering gives it a very strong market position and ensures low levels of competition.


Dandelion Chocolate

A craft chocolate company which focuses on quality ingredients and artisan craftmanship, the San Francisco-based organisation has thrived in Japan. It is especially popular amongst the millions of trendsetting young Japanese adults thanks to its understanding of their particular wants when it comes to high end treats.

Focusing on craftsmanship (which is highly valued amongst the Japanese population_, Dandelion Chocolate has successfully positioned its products as fashionable, on-trend and highly visual. The chocolatier has also tapped into the younger generation’s love of social media, with a highly Instagram-able brand that focuses on luxury and an atmospheric visitor experience which consumers can’t help but share on their social media channels.



A popular yoga wear brand from the USA, Lululemon now boasts an incredible store in Tokyo with plans to open more premises in the future.

One reason for the brand’s popularity is a surge in interest in yoga amongst the young in recent years. Lululemon has capitalised on this with a very aspirational brand, fuelled by incredible online visuals which can be found all over its digital marketing channels.

A key component of this success is deploying locally focused digital campaigns to target Japanese customers rather than relying on an overall strategy to cover all international markets. This approach has ensured Lululemon has been able to capture the attention of Japanese consumers while also maintaining an authentic American feel.


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