Is social media marketing important for your Japanese launch campaign?

Are you making plans to launch a new product or service in Japan? If so, you'll probably be busy working out which digital marketing tools will be worth utilising as you try to cut through all of the white noise and make a real impact amongst your target market.

Let's take a look at the reasons why social media marketing isn't just important for your Japanese launch campaign, but is an essential part of your overall launch strategy if you want to create a buzz around your brand.


Creating a viral buzz

One of the best ways of gaining interest in your brand is creating a buzz online, and popular social media channels are purpose-built for exactly that!

Known as 'going viral', social media is the platform for spreading the word about your brand both on the big launch day and in the run-up. Don't underestimate just how powerful a viral buzz can be in getting your offering the attention you've been seeking.


A place to gain feedback quickly and easily

Once you've launched your offering to the Japanese market, you'll be eagerly anticipating how your brand is being received by your intended audience.

Unlike focus groups and feedback panels that are often time-consuming and expensive to run, social media allows you to listen in to what your target audience is saying about your products or services in real-time.

Many social media users are vocal about brands that they like and use their channel of choice as a way to reach out. Make sure that you welcome these important interactions by investing in social media marketing before and after your launch date along with employing the services of a native speaker community manager.  


A goldmine of target market data

If you're getting ready to launch and still need to fine-tune your marketing messages, getting to know your potential Japanese customers is made a lot easier thanks to social media.

Not only are social media channels an effective tool for actively marketing to your chosen demographic, but they also offer the opportunity to mine information on your target market relatively cheaply compared to market research.

Many Japanese consumers have some form of digital presence, with many actively offering information on their preferences and buying behaviours, so it makes perfect sense to tap into this data goldmine to ensure that your marketing efforts are fully aligned with the wants and needs of your potential customers.

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