4 tips for selecting a digital marketing agency in Japan

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If you’ve been searching for a digital marketing agency in Japan to take your marketing strategy to the next level, you might be feeling a tad overwhelmed with all of the promise-the-earth offerings available.

As experts in our field, we’ve created this simple checklist to ensure that you have the insight you need to engage with the best in the business and ensure that you get the return on your investment you deserve.


A 360-degree service

From concept to completion, you need a digital marketing agency that has the capability to support your latest project at every stage.

Some less than effective digital marketing agencies in Japan may talk the talk, but you’ll often find that certain elements of your project are outsourced to third parties who often do not have a thorough understanding of your business and specific goals.

You’ll need to make sure that whichever digital marketing agency in Japan you choose to work with takes full responsibility for every element of your campaign and won’t look to cut corners or costs by outsourcing to sub-par third parties.


Real results backed up by proof

Before you make any kind of financial decision, you’ll want to be 100% certain that the service you are signing up for can offer the results you are anticipating.

Many digital marketing agencies are excellent at blinding their clients with digital marketing terminology and skirting around the issue of return on investment. Ask to see case studies from previous client campaigns and conduct your own online research, looking at online reviews from confirmed clients to give you the real lowdown on just how effective their services actually are.


Where passion meets insight

Two of the main facets that make for a successful campaign are passion and insight. The team here at PMI lives and breathes all things digital. We have an active interest in new developments and technologies that will accelerate our client’s projects into the digital stratosphere.

By combining this passion with the latest trends and insight into digital behaviours, innovative new strategies are born and results reaped.


Japanese focus, international perspective

The power of local knowledge really cannot be underestimated when it comes to entrusting a digital marketing agency in Japan with your latest campaign.

A thorough appreciation of the values, buying habits and culture of those potential customers that you are seeking to engage can make the difference between a huge success or an outright rejection of your offering. If you’re serious about breaking into this highly lucrative market, you'll need to work with an agency that completely understands the intricacies of the Japanese consumer and buying patterns.

Another important element that should also be taken into account is the international perspective. Many brands looking to break into the Japanese market already have a presence elsewhere, so having a digital marketing agency that can help translate your messages in the digital sphere using an international and geographically focused perspective can be extremely beneficial.


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