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Here at PMI, we understand that local knowledge can help your business reach its full potential. We provide firms with ambitious expansion plans with the insights, skills, and understanding they need to fully take advantage of the Japanese market.

Since launching in 2009, we’ve established ourselves as leaders in the sector. Through offering a combination of services that are always tailored to our clients, we deliver real, tangible results that act as a springboard for the companies we work with. We’ve already worked across a diverse portfolio of businesses, from online dating to cryptocurrency, giving businesses access to the booming Japan market. With our expertise and dedicated support, your business can establish a strong presence in the country too.

While PMI was created in Japan, we’ve found major growth in London. It’s given our services an international perspective and global presence that our partners benefit from, whether they’re approaching us for professional localisation skills or business development strategies.


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We at Personal Media International know that finding the right digital source to promote you to get to the top of your industry in Japan. That’s why we offer free consultations to walk you through your needs, the scope of your goals, and your budget.

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Ko Sugimori

Our founder, Ko Sugimori, is the driving force behind the business and success of PMI. Hailing from Japan but living in London for two decades has given up a unique perspective on the business world and the challenges firms face when expanding. Armed with over 15 years of experience at a web agency and taking numerous projects from concept to completion, Ko has the skills, insight, and passion to help businesses progress towards their next step.



Hosei University
Bachelor of Arts(Hons)


• 15 years in Creative and Marketing Agency
• 20 years in Translator / Interpreter
• Certified Project Manager