Get the Kawaii Look in Minutes: Japanese Makeup Now Available in Europe

International beauty, whether it’s Korean skincare or India’s deepest hair secrets, is incredibly fascinating to us in Europe. We can’t help it, we are easily bewitched by any exotic beauty habits from lands far away.


Recently, we came across Japan’s kawaii culture and we were instantly captivated. Japan houses some of the most intriguing beauty cultures around the world, from natural and effective skincare routines to Harajuku makeup looks that look almost impossible to achieve – unless you have the right makeup to work with.


Japanista Europe now brings a stunning line of Made-in-Japan makeup that can help you achieve any kawaii look within minutes.


Celebrity makeup artists such as Troy Surratt and Lisa Eldridge swear by Japanese cosmetics for a reason – they’re made with the finest ingredients to provide best results.


Not surprisingly, most of us in Europe want to get our hands on their cosmetic provides because of their novelty factor, their exoticness and their superior quality and innovation. This is where K-Palette comes in. It is not only designed to help you achieve your desired makeup look effortlessly, it is also easily available to each one of us.


K-Palette believes only the best ingredients for desirable results


Your face is your canvas and K-Palette believes that prepping it with high quality cosmetics is key to achieving a superb result. Therefore, it provides you with the finest foundations and concealers, such as the Zero Kuma Concealer that contains hyaluronic acid to trap moisture and keep your skin supple, along with collagen and rose water to maintain its tightness. Japanese girls face skin-related issues such as acne and visible pores as well, but the right foundation and concealer can make these disappear instantly, and for the entire day.


K-Palette’s crowd favorites also include it’s Real Lasting Eyepencil 24h in Brown Black. With its no-smudge, oil-resistant formula, the eyeliner is designed to be sweat-proof, water-proof and even swim-proof. The product is much easier to use compared to a traditional eyebrow pencil due to its precision and intensity. The color is also a stunning brown black, which unlike regular black eyeliners, provides a more natural finish.


Felt liners are a must-have in any kawaii makeup routine to achieve a clean line on the lid. K-Palette’s 1 Day Magic line ensures that all your kawaii makeup dreams become a reality with no fuss and fury. The 1 day Magic Liquid Eyeliner ensures that you can create a clean and precise eyeliner or even cat eye look without having to grab those Q-tips for any fix-ups.


When it comes to Japanese kawaii makeup, natural brows are always preferred. Unfortunately, traditional eyebrow pencils trend towards more intense look, taking us away from that cute, radiant Japanese-face look. Therefore, our next favorite is the K-Palette Lasting 3 Way Eyebrow Pencil in Natural Brown, which with its creamy formula and soft color provides a more natural look, while making our eyebrows look put together. It also comes with a sponge tip to soften strokes and give a feathery eyebrow look.


If you want kawaii, use what the Japanese use


Japanese cosmetics are popular for their high-quality products made with in-depth research. If you’re looking for ways to pull-off a Japanese kawaii look, your best bet would be to go for the products the Japanese use, such as K-Palettes gorgeous array of cosmetics that are now available in Europe. Now you too can enjoy these potent benefits Japanese products have to offer.